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Friday, June 23, 2006

Three Months Almost

We almost made it to the end of June. CCAA did 13 days this time, so next month they will pick up with June 29, and start praying now that they will go all the way to the end of July. That will keep us at 12 months and the wait will not extend out another month.

I have joined an online group for those who turned their paperwork in to China in March. It is the March LID'ers. I have met so many nice people that will be traveling at the same time as we will travel. They have a great idea to make luggage tags to put on what ever we are carrying so we can spot each other easily when we travel. It would have our logo on it. I am also in a group to swap quilt squares for the 100 Good Wishes Quilt. I am going to try to do another blog for the quilt and put the link on this one so watch for that.

Speaking of quilts, I was with my grandmother this week as my cousin Debra, on the right, was there visiting before being stationed in Germany. My G-mom showed us a Friendship Quilt that was made when she was a little girl. The neighbors and family would each do a quilt block with their family name or a individual name in the middle of the block. Interesting who close that custom is the Chinese custom.


  • At 7:23 PM, Blogger PitterPatter said…

    Hey Robin! This is Mary! I'm so glad that things are in progress for your adoption. Ben and I are expecting in November. I have a blog, also on blogspot. Mine is Once you get to my blog there is a link to Ben's. His is Stubbed My Toe. I'll be adding you to my blog roll and keeping up with how things are going. CONGRATS!


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