Journey to Larkyn

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My How Time Flies!

Larkyn is a joy everyday and is growing up so fast. She is absolutely the sweetest child. One of her favorite gifts at Christmas was the guitar from her big brother Joey and his girlfriend Shirin. Yes, we are the dorky family that plays guitar hero together -it's so much fun- and Larkyn is right in there with us, she has all the moves down it's so fun to watch.

I have to congratulate Fliss and Mike on their referral from China. Shauna is finally coming home. We were in the March 06 group together before we switched programs to Vietnam. It is so nice to see Marching Pandas get their referrals. As you can tell from the way I do not update this blog, I don't get on the computer much anymore but when I do I check on old adoption comrades. I am so excited for you all. I am so glad to see you all reach the end of this very long road.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

One year old...Already!!!

Here she is licking the butterfly that came off her cake clean. Everything tastes better on a butterfly...right? It is hard to believe she is a year old already. It seems like yesterday it was August and we were in Vienam getting her. This was cake that was supposed to be just for Larkyn but she didn't want it.

Now we're talking, she loves being in Daddy's lap.

The string is her favorite part of the toy at this point.
Grandmom and big brother watch on as Daddy teaches how to use the new toy. She'll be walking on her own soon!

Aunt Shelia came for a visit, that's always fun.
That is Larkyn with cousins Tanner (the big girl) and Hallie who is only three days younger.
Here is cousin Maddison with her recently short hair. She donated her long hair to Locks For Love to be made into a wig for a child with cancer...Sweet girl!

Friday, September 21, 2007

One Last Post

It is so good to be home and see family and friends again. Larkyn is doing great, we love her to peices. She is so funny, we have such a good time playing with her and watching her learn and do new things each day. This will be my last post. I am happy to say, I no longer have time to spend on the computer. I am posting some pictures and videos of the last days in Hanoi and pictures and videos of Larkyn meeting family here at home. Remember to double click on the slide shows to open Google and see the videos. This has been a great journey and it is now over (Hurray!). Our adpotion agency and homestudy agency have taken care of us the whole way, they are wonderful people. Special thanks to Gina, Kristin, Nancy, Trudy, and Tou!! You guys are the best!

Since we have been home...

Sunday, September 09, 2007

No more blogs!

Hi everyone...we just found out that we are being moved to a different hotel, not sure which one. They did not book us past today here so we will not have internet. As far as we know we have our embassy appointment this afternoon and we will get Larkyn's visa hopefully in the next two days. We should be home the end of this week. Well I am off to pack now.

We are almost done here!

Hi everyone, sorry I didn't blog but I have been sick...stomach bug. I guess I ate something bad. Joe had to take care of Larkyn all day, all I could do was sleep. I'm still not feeling that great nothing at all looks good to eat. Here are some pictures from the other day. Double click on the slideshow so you can see the videos I think it is the first three, one is of Larkyn and two are of the streets. The others are just pictures.

We have our last Embassy appointment in the morning. Then hopefuly we will get Larkyn's visa Tues. and be able to fly home Wed. We will see, that is our hope for now.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Video of Cab Ride

This is a a short video of our cab ride to the old quater. They honk horns to let each other know where they are, not to be rude. It looks really confusing and it is pretty scarry at first but even though it does not look like it they have a system and it works. They can go any which way on the roads.
Now that I know how to share video with you all, we are going to go out today and take more videos to show you. Pictures just don't show it all. Double click this to open it for video.

We had Larkyn's medical appointment yesterday. She has gained a pound and now weighs 10.7 pounds, still too little for the 3 to 6 month clothes I have for her. I have to get some smaller clothes when we get home.

So now we are just waiting for our 2nd Embassy Appointment, maybe Mon. or Tues. for that, then her we get her visa hopefully a couple days later. So we may be able to head home the end of next week.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Got Larkyn's Passport

Today we picked up Larkyn's passport and tomorrow we take her for the medical appointment, which just leaves our 2nd Emabassy Appointment and getting her visa.
The other moms found a lady in the silk district that makes the traditional dress for Vietnamese women for a very reasonable price. We found her shop today to have one made for Larkyn and me. We all wanted to have something special for the kids to put away for them. She will have them ready tomorrow, I know...really fast.
If you double click on the slide show it will open Picasa and you can watch the video of Larkyn playing with Joe.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

All Day Trip To Ha Long Bay

This was an all day trip and we were tired but, it is really a beautiful place to see and we meet some very nice people from different parts of the world. Larkyn was so good all day! She started giggling today and talking very loudly. She woke everyone up in our van on the way home as she was playing.

Tomorrow we are to pick up Larkyn's passport and her medical appointment is the next day. Then we will be waiting for the 2nd Embassy appointment.