Journey to Larkyn

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Video of Cab Ride

This is a a short video of our cab ride to the old quater. They honk horns to let each other know where they are, not to be rude. It looks really confusing and it is pretty scarry at first but even though it does not look like it they have a system and it works. They can go any which way on the roads.
Now that I know how to share video with you all, we are going to go out today and take more videos to show you. Pictures just don't show it all. Double click this to open it for video.

We had Larkyn's medical appointment yesterday. She has gained a pound and now weighs 10.7 pounds, still too little for the 3 to 6 month clothes I have for her. I have to get some smaller clothes when we get home.

So now we are just waiting for our 2nd Embassy Appointment, maybe Mon. or Tues. for that, then her we get her visa hopefully a couple days later. So we may be able to head home the end of next week.


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