Journey to Larkyn

Friday, August 24, 2007

We made it to Hanoi!!

Hi everyone, we are happy to say we made it. Today is Saturday for us but it is Friday night for all of you at home. We got here about 11:00 AM yesterday which was Thursday for you and Friday for us. We were too tired to try to hook up Internet and blog. Another couple in our group was on our flight from Taipei. Our guide for our Agency picked us up from the airport to drive us to the hotel. Wow!! What a ride. I have read blogs from people here, and have told most of you about the traffic here and the lack of driving rules for traffic in Hanoi, but nothing I read or heard about it comes close to the real thing when you are actually here. Our guide told us how to say the name of the province where Larkyn is living. She is in Tuyen Quang province. Pronounced (to in quang) very fast. In Texas we tend to draw out what we say, they do not do that here, they put it all together and say it fast. Also I learned Larkyn's Vietnamese name is not pronounced the way we thought. It is not Le like we would say it with a long e sound, it is said with a short e sound. So it is a totally different name than we thought but, a very pretty name all the same. We also learned that Le means beautiful in Vietnamese, which she is of course. Here are the pictures from yesterday...enjoy.


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